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Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

An accidental spill in the reception area. Snow and sludge tracked through the lobby. Leaves and branches strewn throughout the parking lot after a recent storm. These are just a few of the everyday issues that can occur throughout the day for a commercial building. And no matter the type of business, keeping up with these issues can be challenging, especially if your facility experiences heavy foot traffic, hosts guests or visiting clients, or is just plain busy. Day porter services provide expert attention and cleaning services to every detail of your commercial property throughout the business day. As an extension of your team, a Calico Building Services day porter will work discreetly and effectively to ensure your company is kept clean and professional.

Below is a list of day porter services that may be performed, depending on your building’s needs:

  • Litter removal throughout the day
  • Emptying, wiping down, and relining trash bins
  • Continuous cleaning and spot cleaning throughout the workday
  • Servicing and cleaning restrooms
  • Cleaning common areas including reception, lobbies, cafeterias, and break rooms
  • Cleaning and maintain walkways and courtyards
  • Dusting and cleanup of spills
  • Window cleaning
  • Minor cosmetic repairs
  • Light bulb replacement

A day porter will not only keep your office or business clean and professional, but in doing so will ensure your building remains ready for guests, clients, or shoppers. Day porter services are not only integral to creating successful first impressions, but for your existing employees as well. By continuously keeping your place of business clean, you will be keeping your team healthy by stopping the spread of bacteria and viruses, and upholding company morale by providing a sparkling workplace that they will be proud to represent.

We look forward to creating a day porter service plan that works best for your commercial facility.